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Leitner Rama Duvet

Leitner Rama Duvet

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This linen duvet offers a unique design and helps warm up any space.

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Leitner's Rama (also known as Zweig) is 100% Linen featuring a woven leaf and branch design.

What's Included

1 duvet cover

Care Details

• When washing, be sure to turn your linens inside out if possible.

• It's best to wash your pieces separately to give them plenty of water and adequate space. Therefore make sure your larger items comfortable fit in your home washer.

• Linens made from natural fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, cashmere and wool should be washed in cool or cold water.

• Do not use any brighteners, bleaches or fabric softeners on our products.

• Do not over-dry natural fibers as it will alter their shape, increase wrinkles and make the fabric brittle.

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