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Libeco Belgian Linen

Discover the LIBECO BELGIAN LINEN COLLECTION, blending luxury and comfort with a the passion for simple sophisticated, pure ...LINEN.

Libeco Belgian Linen created a unique concept based on the same values that their ancestors discovered 150 years ago. They transform Flax into unique linen products for the home. Linen is crisp, clean and comfortable. Soft, yet strong and durable. The more it is used, the softer and stronger it becomes. It can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp, and easily releases moisture to the air to remain cool and dry to the touch. Flax remains colorfast and launders beautifully. It has the additional advantage to be non-allergenic. Flax requires considerably fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other crops. The fibers are recyclable and eventually biodegrade..

Need design help? We would be happy to help you custom design a bed. Just give us a call at (949) 642-3632. Thank you.